Age-Friendly Culture Network:

Good Practice Template


Part 1: Overview

Please include a short title that describes your age-friendly project (max. 60 characters)

Please either insert one or more photos which best illustrate your project, or include links to where photos can be downloaded.

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Please provide details about where the project is / was based. Please include a postcode if one is available.

Please describe the age-friendly project in 200 to 300 words. The description should answer the following questions:

  • What have you done?

  • Why did you do it?

  • How did you go about it?

  • Who was involved (older people, stakeholders)?

  • What did you achieve?

  • Who benefited, and how?

  • What did you learn along the way?

Please tick all that are relevant:
Are you happy to share details about your age-friendly work? Please tick all that apply:

If you would like us to share information about your project with others, please let us know of any other information available about your work which could be shared. This might include any quotes, flyers or posters, press cuttings, or links to websites or videos.

Please either provide links to where more information can be accessed / downloaded or include them as attachments when submitting your good practice.

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When did it start?

Please let us know the year the project started

Is it completed, or ongoing?

What main groups of older people does it target?

Please tick all that are relevant:

Are there any other issues that your age-friendly practice aims to address?

Please tick all that apply:

Desired outcomes

WHO categorises age-friendly practices as generally helping people to one of five things. Please tick the one outcome for older people that you feel is most appropriate for your practice:


Project lead

Who was the lead organisation for the project? Please tick only one:

Who else was involved?

Please tick all that apply:

How did you work together?

Creating successful partnerships can be challenging and can be approached in many different ways. Please share details of how you worked together to make your age-friendly practice possible.

How were older people involved?

Please tick the one response that you feel is most accurate:

Additional detail about the involvement of older people

Please share a few sentences describing in greater detail the role of older people in your project.


Have you had any feedback about your age-friendly practice?

If you have received any feedback, especially from the groups of older people the project targeted or from key stakeholders, please share it here. Please note that negative feedback can be just as useful as positive feedback in helping others to learn from your experiences and in planning their own age-friendly projects.

Has the impact of your project been evaluated?

Please tick the one answer that is most appropriate:

If your project has been evaluated

Was the evaluation of the impact of your project?

Please provide more information about the findings of any evaluation.

If you have any evaluation reports, please include a link to where they can be downloaded or include them as additional attachments when submitting your good practice.

Do you plan to expand / build upon your work?

If yes, please provide some additional information of what you plan next. This may be involve increasing the areas that the project runs in, extending access to different groups of people, or adding new features, services or activities.


What lessons have you learned?

Please share some reflections on your experiences, which can help others planning projects to make their communities more age-friendly.

  • What did you wish you knew when you started?

  • What worked really well?

  • Have there been any benefits from the work that you didn’t expect?

What would you do differently?

What were some the challenges?

How did you address them?

It can be very useful for other communities looking to become age-friendly to know about some of the challenges they might face, and ways in which others have dealt with them. Please share any information you think might be useful for others.

Thanks for submitting!